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4 Thread Overlocking stitch using Differential Feed

(7m ) 10 views
All new overlockers/sergers have this feature; it means that the feed mechanism is divided into two ...
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ZIPS - Ladies Fly Zip

(16m 39s) 18 views
Fly zips are now found on many garments not only trousers but often on skirts. • Preparation is v...
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Soft Lingerie - Negligée

(46m 20s) 19 views
If you ever wanted to make your own custom-fitted negligée then this lesson is for you. With delica...
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(14m 07s) 37 views
MEASURING - The goal is not to achieve the smallest or largest number, but to record the actual circ...
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Zips - Open-Ended Zip

(8m 39s) 3 views
An open- ended zip (also referred to as a separating zipper) is used on a garment where the two halv...
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FACING - A Square Neck

(10m) 14 views
• The front of the garment can be made to look square and the back can be round or the front and b...
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(20m 36s) 0 views
This skirt is Asymmetrical in front and back, and is very elegant and casual depending on the length...
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Roll Hemming

(3m) 14 views
The roll hem is created with a three-thread overlock/serger stitch, formed over a rolled hemstitch f...
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(3m 22s) 2 views
Machine stitching is the most productive process in the assembly process of your garment. Success d...
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CUFFS - Long Sleeve Cuff

(10m) 13 views
– A cuff is one of the most popular ways to finish the lower end of a sleeve – usually at the wr...
145 28 stretch fabric lessons

2 DVD set - Stretch Fabric sewn the easy way - 4 hours of teaching

(4 hours) 0 views
Sewing stretch fabrics are fun and fast. They are versatile and easy to wear. Learn how to sew the...
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Decorative Stitches - Flatlocking

(8m 56s) 4 views
Popular on sporty clothes and anywhere you may want a flat seam. • I show you how to set the mac...
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POCKETS - Jeans Pocket

(7m 49s) 7 views
Jeans Pockets are always functional and usually have a curved opening. The pockets on jeans or denim...
149 5 dvd set

5 disc Set - Essential Sewing Skills - 11 hours of teaching

(11 hours) 0 views
This is a 5 DVD set and is a foundational library of 6 fundamental sewing lessons and 61 essential t...
127 pleated hip yoke and lower flared skirt

Pleated Hip Yoke and Lower Flared Skirt

The first of our collection of skirt Pattern not videoed. If you have done some of the videoed pat...
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(7m26s) 7 views
Is required when one seam edge is slightly longer than the other edge to which it is joined. • I...
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SEAMS - Concave/Convex (Inward And Outward) Seam

(3m 50s) 3 views
Many sewers find it confusing to join an inward and outward curve together. The inward curve is the ...
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Soft Lingerie - Panties & Elastic Application

(47m 26s) 42 views
You will learn how to sew Corded elastic, Picot or Scallop elastic, Stretch lace and Lip elastic on ...