456215602 640

Threading Your Machine and Unpicking

(10m 14s) 19 views
An overlocker must be correctly threaded to form any stitches, so following the proper threading seq...
456720832 640

COLLAR- Shirt With Separate Collar Stand

(19m 26s) 24 views
This popular collar looks smart when sewn correctly, it has two parts: the collar stand and the coll...
456217548 640

Soft Lingerie - Lace Bra

(18m 20s) 59 views
I love this lace bra it is a wonderful present to give a young girl. I find that with some practice ...
146 complete overlocking

Complete Overlocking/Serger DVD - 22 lessons

(1 hr 45m) 0 views
GET TO KNOW YOUR OVERLOCKER – as one student said - “At last I have made friends with my overloc...
145 28 stretch fabric lessons

2 DVD set - Stretch Fabric sewn the easy way - 4 hours of teaching

(4 hours) 0 views
Sewing stretch fabrics are fun and fast. They are versatile and easy to wear. Learn how to sew the...
169 asymmetrical designer skirt

Asymmetrical Designer Skirt

NOT VIDEOED - if you have done THE BASIC BLOCK and some of the other videoed lessons and follow the...
149 5 dvd set

5 disc Set - Essential Sewing Skills - 11 hours of teaching

(11 hours) 0 views
This is a 5 DVD set and is a foundational library of 6 fundamental sewing lessons and 61 essential t...
478287627 640


(23m 09s) 14 views
Multiple Panel/Gore skirts – are some of the most versatile skirts to create and can be used to cr...
472641097 640

CONTOUR DARTS (Double pointed darts)

(7m) 6 views
Usually in dresses or jackets and blouses were the dart starts at a point near the bust, through the...
456217177 640

Presser Feet - The Multi-Purpose Presser Foot

(5m 33s) 7 views
This specially designed presser foot will help with the following 3 interesting operations:
473091514 640

ZIPS - Invisible Zip Including A Yoke And Facing

(18m) 60 views
Zips have a reputation for being difficult to install. Many sewers unnecessarily avoid patterns tha...
477950410 640


(14m 07s) 42 views
MEASURING - The goal is not to achieve the smallest or largest number, but to record the actual circ...
478853145 640

PATTERNMAKING FOUNDATION LESSON - How to Draft your Basic Skirt Block

(36m 52s) 56 views
A BASIC BLOCK pattern is a foundation pattern drafted to fit the average figure using industry sizin...
148 soft lingerie dvd

Soft Lingerie with stretch bra pattern

(2 hours 10m) 0 views
This DVD includes a free stretch lace bra pattern. From start to finish we show you how to quickly a...
246 skirt vent

LINING Walking Vents

Walking Vents - Easy ways to drafting and sewing a lining pattern for a walking vent.
456218421 640

Soft Lingerie - Negligée

(46m 20s) 29 views
If you ever wanted to make your own custom-fitted negligée then this lesson is for you. With delica...
170 country skirt with big pockets

Country Skirt with Big Pockets

NOT VIDEOED - but if you have done some of the videoed lessons and follow the lesson carefully this ...
456723991 640

FINISHING RAW EDGES - Using Pinking Shears

(3m) 17 views
Seams are arguably the most basic part of sewing and finishing seam allowances is essential to creat...
456218548 640

Soft Lingerie - Panties & Elastic Application

(47m 26s) 58 views
You will learn how to sew Corded elastic, Picot or Scallop elastic, Stretch lace and Lip elastic on ...